industrial filmates

We produce industrial videos and industrial filmates with sophisticated technologies and limited costs.

We propose corporate and industrial videos realized with the same machines and the same software we use for the medium-high profile tv productions.

This is the reason why we can propose industrial videos of high quality at extremely low cost.

Our company has at disposal know-how and filming equipments and do not need to hire anything.

Our industrial videos are produced using precision tools to liven up the shootings as crane, dollies, remote heads, specific rig, steadycam, precision’s platform, remote control miniaturized cameras.

An important lights stock, managed from experienced DOP and constituted by sources of lights and projectors (more or less 30.000 watt) ensure an optimal performance of the images.

Filmati per aziende

To all this we add video graphic, special fx and 3D videos, that are our studio’s characterizing elements.

We are to the state-of-the-art in the technique to combine truth to the synthetic and reality with the virtual.

Every company, every industry and every distributor must be able to demonstrate and promote their product in order to sell it. But often, for cost reasons, Companies give themselves a little more than amateur industrial videos.

Filming the production or the ended work in a professional and engaging edition is winning in comparison to so many anonymous competitors.

But whilst producing an industrial video, you may encounter the logistical problems associated with the scale, or the relocation of the machinery proposed by the company.

At other times you have make them see and, above all, understand complex mechanical, chemical, thermal or theoretical processes.

It is often difficult, if not impossible, to shoot what is happening inside the machines and in the processes with a simple video camera.

We have a long and pioneering experience in the realization of industrial videos using 3D video graphic associated and harmonized with real shootings.

3D animations allow you to show the characteristics of a machine even if it has not been assembled or indeed built yet!

The result is a high quality video that will tour the world from one customer to the next, from one trade fair to the next, distributed on all types of platforms and formats: Internet, new high definition DVD, Blue Ray,  with not excessive costs.

When the work is complete, it will be very easy for us, and economically worthwhile, to use the videos and photos that we took to make catalogues, brochures and a new website for you that will quickly climb the google rankings.

A single process, a single interlocutor, a single cost for all the products often based on different structures.

Before the next fair think about it: our industrial videos will be of great help to prove that what you are proposing works in a different way than what is offered by competitors on each platform.

 Here are some examples of industrial videos we produced:

industrial video