20.000 leguas bajo el mar (1998)

20.000 leguas bajo el mar

20.000 leagues under the seas

The transposition on cd-rom of Julius Verne's adventure. In a take breathing adventure, you'll plunge with Nautilus, you'll plaugh the most fascinating sounding-depth and you'll meet the most mysterious creatures of the abyss. 18 environments in 3D entirely explorable, 3D and 2D animation, both real-life and simulated film-clips, professional actors' voices, a soundtrack of different 48 music pieces, noices of environment and full-screen animations will give you a sensation of living in the first person a fabulous exsperience, inside a mysterious and adventurous world wich will amaze you. You will meet the Captain Nemo who will guide on and under oceans surface: on Nautilus' board, you'll travel from tropical seas to South Pole's glaciers. You'll participate in a "interactive adventure", following development of the story and interacting with the plot of this famous romance. At the same time you'll see a original presentation of the mysterious marine world: 24 documentaries, 40 minutes of full-screen movies 'll show animals and marine phenomena.

20.000 leghe sotto i mari (1998) - PC Professionale
Ventimila Leghe Sotto I Mari