Solaria: viaje en el sistema solar (1997)

 Solaria, viaje en el sistema solar (1997)

Solaria, journey inside the solar system: An interactive adventure aboard Solaria, a fantastic space ship capable of exploring the solar system, reconstructed in 3D.

You could reach the planets, asteroids, meteors and comets, you can join the orbit of the planets and admire  its satellites. Flying from one planet to another, simulations in 2D and 3D will explain the celestial phenomena.

On board of Solaria you can learn about the space missions that have gone before us, see the story of space observation, and learn to observe the sky: all with 2D and 3D animations.

An overview of the most interesting websites will act as a guide for navigating the network of networks. The title and media was published in September 1997 by New Techniques - Milan and distributed throughout the Italian territory in bookstores and in computer shop.