Il mistero delle api scomparse – Regione Piemonte (2009)

Il Mistero delle Api Scomparse - Regione Piemonte (2009)

Il mistero delle api scomparse is a short movie developed with the Geograpich Institute De Agostini for the region Piemonte and Piemonte Parks.

Four curious storm reporters at work to discover the secret hidden in the parks in the Piemonte region. Real videos of great appeal, integrated  with the fantasy characters realized in 3D, bring the young telewiewers to immerse themselves in the nature of the colorful natural parks.

The short movie Mistero delle Api Scomparse is a product thought for the children of the Piemonte region, thanks to a language and a media as the cartoon movie, it tries to stimulate the curiosity and the wonder for the parks and natural environments.