Il Gusto che Resta (2009)

Il Gusto che Resta (2009)

Il Gusto che resta: the trip as knowledges and tastes. From the always stronger bond between food and tourism, the idea “Il Gusto che resta”, a work devoted to the past, present and future of the food and wine of the Novara district, is born.

A delicious meeting with taste: over 30 traditional recipes, tipical dishes, genuine products and natural food, as wine, rice or gorgonzola.

A colorful and stimulating video-guide that valorizes the peculiarity of the “buon mangiare” in Novara. Through innovative and high quality shootings, also who is not present is welcomed with liking and invited to a delicious wine and food tasting and entertained with lessons of history, tradition and culture.

The bond between past and present is innate in the local cuisine made, today as once, of simple flavours but rich of taste.

The recipes represent one of the historical memories to hand down and they find full correspondence in this uncommon gallery of immages and videos of great emotions and interest for the spectators, not only in Novara.