Sistema de proyección 3D Parque Nacional Cinque Terre (2007)

Sistema Proiezione 3d Parco Nazionale Cinque Terre (2007)

Favulà and friends: a film produced with the De Agostini Geographical Institute relating to a development project for the new Multi-media Centre of the Protected Marine Areas of the Cinque Terre National Park in Levanto.

stereoscopic projection system has been built which, by wearing special glasses, allows you to see films in 3D.

The images and the sounds generated by the system give a real sensation of being in the middle of a deep blue sea.

We have developed virtual elements of the Cinques Terre’s marine ecosystem with three-dimensional simulations of marine life movement which look exactly like the real thing.

Two educational totem poles were installed in another cinema hall, complete with a play and education area. Accompanied by “granchietto Favulà” (Favula the little crab), a representative fictional character from the protected Marine Area, children are transformed into little marine biologists for a guided tour.

We developed a real multi-media encyclopedia for them and, shortly, a videogame will be produced which will have the fishes of the Cinque Terre’s national park as the protagonists.