Mountain Bike (1999)

Mountain Bike (1999)Mountain Bike

A CD ROM for those who love cycling, the adrenaline and outdoor living. They were chosen over forty Italian routes, selectable by region, for each of wich is available an accurate description that can be viewed, printing, copied or played in an edit any word processor.

A summary sheet indicating how to get there, where to stay and where to eat, they are reporting bodies, associations and private facilities that will provide the necessary support. For each itinerary has been carefully inserted altimetry, who may be printing out and consulted during the excursion. Full screen animations illustrate the most advanced construction techniques: 3D reconstruction and real images reveal the secrets of frames, forks, tires, brakes, gears and chains. And then, maintenance tips, guidance, preparation of itineraries, nutrition, first aid. Three-dimensional animations created specifically for this CD-ROM and video provided by most major manufacturers will explain step by step guide and the most common techniques in a virtual you'll see fitness exercises to prepare yourself better. And who wants to ride on the World Wide Web? In the internet you can connect directly to more than 50 sites, selected especially for this production. 

And do not forget created especially for this CD-ROM: race calendar, market, news from the manufacturers: these are just some of the areas suggested. Mountain Bike: pedals are now interactive!


Mountain Bike (1999) - Il Sole 24 Ore
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Mountain Bike (1999) - La Repubblica
Recensione cdrom Mountain bike